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If you are interested in telling stories that sell, the first thing that you need to do is to define your style or writing. There are many successful authors who have a distinctive and unmistakable style that draws many people to their books. Some writers have adopted humor as their style while others have managed to be successful churning out thrillers.

The magic of books lie in their ability to transport us to another world even if we happen to be in a crowd. A book can provide you with endless hours of entertainment that cannot be matched by other means of entertainment. Reading is a pleasurable activity that cannot be replicated by watching television or listening to a radio program.

Journeys Of The Mind ~ Getting Lost In A Great Book

Epic Adventures Of Imagination

If you want to write an engaging story, it has to capture the imagination of the target audience. If you want a great story, it has to be true. This does not mean that it is based on facts, but because it is consistent as well as authentic. Readers are very good at discovering inconsistencies in a story and getting away with half-baked stories is not possible.

Whether you are writing for adults or children, telling stories that sell involves making a promise. This means that your story should promise fun, suspense, fantasy or even thrills and spills with every page. Bold and audacious promises are the ones that work best. Either your story should be exceptional or it will not be worth reading.

Selling e books and telling stories that sell

If you want your readers to get lost in an engaging story, it has to be trusted. This is because trust is a very scarce resource, given the level of decay that you see around you. Not many people can be trusted nowadays, especially politicians, advertisers or beautiful women sitting alone at a bar. As a consequence, telling stories that sell can only be done if your readers find you credible.

A good story is one that is subtle and not all up in your face. If you can provide as fewer details as possible, your story becomes more powerful. A talented writer understands that allowing readers to come up with their own theories or conclusions is more effective. The punch line is only something that comedians or battling rappers are supposed to use. Although a good twist in the end is a common factor of many famous short stories.

Another element of a good story if you want to sel ebooks on the internet,  is being fast paced. The story should move from one scene to the other at a fast pace, otherwise it becomes boring and predictable. Before you start writing, you should target a certain niche, and not aim at everyone. Watering down a story in order to try to please everyone will backfire.

Once you have been successful in telling stories that sell, you need to make your books available to consumers. These days, you can publish your book online, making them accessible to millions across the globe. You can also sell e-books or hard paperbacks on the internet. Thanks to technology, selling a great book is now easier and you can even appeal to consumers through social media.

Remember; Great Storytelling Sells books!